Here's the Trailer for the Brian Wilson Biopic, Which Has Some Confusing Casting Choices

Continuity in casting may be a minor issue in telling the rock genius's story.

Music fans rejoice! The Brian Wilson biopic has finally been made, which is excellent news, since Wilson is one of the true geniuses and most influential figures in the history of rock (and one of the most notoriously eccentric and tortured artists of our times). The trailer is below and it looks…a little confusing. Though again, it’s fantastic news that Wilson’s story will finally be on the big screen, there are some vague issues around continuity in casting. Paul Dano plays a convincing young Wilson, while John Cusack -- a very different looking actor -- plays Wilson older, a leap that’s absolutely noticeable. Hopefully, considering both are great actors, the brilliance of the performances will keep the visual bumps from affecting the smoothness of the storytelling. (Also, there's the question of who's playing the obvious heavy, Mike Love?)

Check out the trailer for "Love & Mercy" below:

For more on Brian Wilson and the entire story of The Beach Boys, read Wilson’s awesome and incredibly revealing autobiography, Wouldn’t it Be Nice.


Kali Holloway is a senior writing fellow and the senior director of Make It Right, a project of the Independent Media Institute.