Fox News Hosts Lose It, Crack Up Over the Ridiculous Stuff They're Supposed to Say About Obama


Fox "News" often claims that it only gives its audience of rage-junkies the hard stuff during the evening opinion shows, after work, and during the day offers hard news.

Watching ten minutes of day-time coverage is enough to dispel any notions that this is true. But it is the case that a lot of these shows feature people who once worked for actual news media and analysts who aren't total zealots. 

If you've ever wondered how the non-true-believers keep a straight face when Fox's special brand of nonsense moves across their TelePrompters, the answer, as the clip below illustrates, is that they don't always manage the feat.

This is from yesterday's The Five, courtesy of Media Matters...


“Does Obama believe in the Constitution he’ll swear to defend?”

“No, no, who wrote that? Are you kidding me?”

No, she's not kidding. Someone wrote that of the former constitutional scholar because Benghazi or something.

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