Fox News Host Delivers Network's Most Withering Criticism of Trump to Date

"Mr. President, it is not the fake news media that's your problem—it's you."

Photo Credit: Fox News/YouTube

As President Trump dined with GOP legislators, Fox News host Neil Cavuto sounded the alarm about the chaos engulfing the White House.

"Here's hoping they've ruined his appetite," quipped Cavuto. "Here's hoping they get brutally blunt with the president; here's hoping they give him some food for thought and let him know if he keeps doing what he's doing, they'll all be politically puking next year." 

The Tuesday night dinner with Trump included senators Marco Rubio (Fla.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Tom Cotton (Ark.), and Todd Young (Ind.) and Reps. Lee Zeldin (N.Y.) and Francis Rooney (Fla.). Its goal was to get this "whole health care thing back on track," but the president had other plans.

Earlier Trump had tweeted yet again at the "FAKE MSM," "working so hard" to get him not to use social media—a claim even his preferred network disputed.

"Mr. President, it is not the fake news media that's your problem; it's you," Cavuto said in response. "It's not just your tweeting, it's your scapegoating. It's your refusal to see that sometimes you're the one who's feeding your own beast—and acting beastly with your own guys."

Drawing on criticism from the Wall Street Journal, Cavuto wondered if Trump appreciated those defending him at every wrong turn. 

"Mr. President, they didn't tweet disparaging comments about a London mayor in the middle of a murder spree—you did. They didn't create that needless distraction—you did. They didn't get you off your very valid and very promising agenda—you did."


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Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.