Fox News Airs Name of 16-Year-Old Steubenville Rape Victim

Fox News’ America’s Newsroom aired the name of the underage victim in the Steubenville rape case.

On Monday, Fox News’ America’s Newsroom aired the name of the underage victim in the Steubenville rape case.

During a report by correspondent Mike Tobin, the station aired a clip of 17-year-old Trent Mays, one of the rapists, apologizing in the courtroom on Sunday.

In the clip, Mays states: “I would truly like to apologize to [redacted], her family, my family and the community.”

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But unlike CNN, which aired the same clip on Monday, Fox failed to redact the victim’s first name when airing the clip.

In an editor’s note in an Associated Press piece published on Fox’s website Sunday, the news organization stated they were going to refrain from listing the names of the minors in this case.

The note stated:

Editors’ Note: The Associated Press named the minors charged due to the fact they have been identified in other news coverage and their names were used in open court. will not name the defendants.

However, Fox News broke this promise on Monday, revealing the name of the rape victim that news organizations have collectively abstained from reporting.

According to Raw Story,who first published the news, the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence has encouraged media outlets to “not to publish the names of minors who come forward with allegations of sexual abuse or rape and to avoid reporting stories in such a way that these minors are identifiable.”

To view Fox’s video, you can visit Raw Story’s site here.

Alyssa Figueroa is an associate editor at AlterNet.