Fox Host Worried About Threat to Christianity Posed by Seinfeld "Festivus" Pole

Gretchen Carlson described her concern about the erosion of Christianity in America.
With the Hobby Lobby decision safely behind them, conservative Christians can refocus their attention on the existential battle over holiday displays.
In an interview with World Net Daily, Fox News host Gretchen Carlson described the persecution endured by Christians in America, including efforts by non-believers to erect Seinfeld-inspired "Festivus" poles during the holiday season. 

Over the last decade, I do believe there has been more emphasis on trying to strip our society of certain things that have been in existence for a long time,” added Carlson, “such as lawsuits to take crosses down in the western part of our country, lawsuits to take out the word ‘God’ from our money or not allowing our kids to say it in their valedictorian speeches, forces pushing for atheists to lead campus Christian groups and petitions at state governors’ offices during the Christmas season to put up a ‘Festivus pole’ – from the made-up holiday of ‘Festivus’ from the ‘Seinfeld’ TV show – next to a Christian crèche on public lands.

As a journalist, I see these stories frequently,” she said, “and I just want to make sure Americans realize if you don’t stand up and take notice of some of these things happening, before you know it, our heritage starts to erode.

Carlson was being interviewed about her role in a new film, aptly titled "Persecuted," which appears to portray the highly improbable scenario that the US government has passed anti-Christian legislation that forces a prominent Pastor, who will not be silenced, to run for his life. 


Tana Ganeva is a reporter covering criminal justice, drug policy and homelessness. Follow her on Twitter @TanaGaneva.

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