Is This the Dumbest Thing Fox News Has Ever Freaked Out About?

First they came for our donuts ...

Photo Credit: BW Folsom

It's not news to say that Fox News often plays loose with the facts, but Fox & Friends Host Clayton Morris told one for the ages when he announced that the Obama Administration was on the verge of banning donut sprinkles (or jimmies).

Clayton held a plate of donuts to the camera and mournfully declared that Americans will have to “say goodbye to your favorite sprinkled donut.”

This on-air drama plays into the paranoid conservative meme that the Obama Administration is trying to regulate and control every aspect of our lives including what we say, what we eat, what we drive, and how we express our faith.

Apparently, Investors Business Daily is also reporting that the “Nanny State” has banned sprinkles, saying that the new 2015 regulations on hydrogenated oils is destroying our freedoms. “We'd suggest that freer societies are healthier societies,” says the publication. “Government can have our sprinkle-covered cupcakes when they can pry them from our cold, dead, frosting-stained hands."

Apparently, Investors Business Daily and Fox News got their information from a poorly researched article on Breitbart, which said that the Food & Drug Administration ban on trans fats would ban cakes and sprinkles because they contain them.

"The new FDA rule would...broaden its regulatory dragnet to prohibit the very small amounts of artificial trans fats used to prolong the shelf life of many frozen foods, baked goods and, yes, sprinkles,” claims Breitbart News.

But while the FDA is on its way to abolishing the sale of artificial trans fats, donut sprinkles and cakes do not necessarily have to contain them. In fact, the largest manufacturers of sprinkles, Paulaur and American Sprinkle Company, already sell sprinkles that do not contain trans fats. On its website, Paulaur is happy to contend that its sprinkles can be, dare we say, healthy, claiming that their NHO sprinkles are rich in HDL (good cholesterol) and helps the body absorb fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K. 

Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme, two of the larger restaurant chains that feature donuts on their menu, have also removed trans fats from their products.

But the facts aren’t stopping Breitbart, Investors Business Daily, and Fox News from shrieking that the sky is falling and that Big Government is actively trying to ban everything from crackers to popcorn.

See the video from Fox News:


Cliff Weathers is a former senior editor at AlterNet and served as a deputy editor at Consumer Reports. Twitter @cliffweathers.


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