Watch: Stephen Colbert Helpfully Explains Catfight Between Rand Paul and Chris Christie

"With any luck, this GOPissing contest will continue all the way to the convention."

Photo Credit: L. E. Mormile/

Although we have enjoyed it, we have not yet weighed in on the pissing contest between Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Governor Chris Christie, two stars of the right-wing firmament, though very different each in their own wrong-headed way. Fortunately, Stephen Colbert was good enough  to lay out the very mature debate the two men are having, which started with Christie ripping Paul's "Libertarianism," which Colbert calls Paul's "B.F.F.," a.k.a. "Best Filosophy Forevah." The occasion for Christie's comment was Paul's vote against Hurricans Sandy relief, which is a very good way to get on Chris Christie's bad side.

Paul parried that the people who criticize his philosophy are all: "Gimme gimme gimme all my Sandy money . . ." so it was pretty clear who he meant.

Back to Christie calling out Paul for his double standard on spending, saying he's more than willing to being home the bacon to home state of Kentucky, since all Washington pols love that pork barrel spending.

To which Paul replied in effect: "This from the King of bacon?" seeming to perhaps be talking about the New Jersey governor's waistline.

Colbert weights in hilariously on that as well. But don't take our word for it. Watch: 


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