Bill Maher Lights One Up During Impassioned 'New Rules' Advocating National Pot Legalization

The Real Time host 'goes there' in a segment calling for lax drug laws.

al Time host Bill Maher took his support for the legalization of marijuana around the US to new highs on Friday, lighting up a joint to make his point.

“It’s not a tenable situation” he said of the drug’s limited legality. “When I leave Colorado, Oregon, Washington or Alaska, my back pain doesn’t go away. Or whatever it is I have. I’m kidding — I use medical marijuana because my third eye has glaucoma.”


Maher asked fellow pot lovers to “get your heads out of your grass” and realize that progress on social issues is not a given.

“Somehow, you can drink drink alcohol. You can smoke cigarettes,” he noted. “You can do that thing where you cut off your oxygen with a belt and masturbate. Which is not only dangerous, but take it from me, it’ll get you kicked out of Macy’s menwear like that.”

Watch Maher make his pitch for full marijuana legalization, as posted online on Friday, below.

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