Another Conservative White Guy Shares Thoughts on Black Authenticity

National Review editor Jonah Goldberg settles once and for all the question of whether Ben Carson is "blacker" than Barack Obama.

Is there anyone more qualified to judge the authenticity of black people than conservative white guys? 

On Friday, National Review editor Jonah Goldberg penned an op-ed arguing that Ben Carson is "more authentically African American" than Barack Obama. Goldberg also took to Twitter to helpfully inform everyone that Carson is black. 



As TPM points out, Goldberg's piece is the second recent contribution to the unfortunate cannon of "white conservatives opining about black authenticity." In a series of widely panned tweets, right-wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch also weighed in on the eternally unasked question of whether Ben Carson is blacker than Barack Obama. 

Murdoch ended up apologizing. Goldberg seems more likely to bask in the outrage.


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Tana Ganeva is a reporter covering criminal justice, drug policy and homelessness. Follow her on Twitter @TanaGaneva.