15 Funniest Twitter Suggestions for Shows on New Sarah Palin TV Channel

"Death Panels, She Wrote," and lots, lots more.

Photo Credit: via youtube

The Twittersphere was quick to respond to the hilarious news that Sarah Palin will start her own TV channel on the Internet, so she can get around all that icky "politically correct" stuff she hates in the mainstream media, and just talk to folks unfiltered. For only $99.95 a year, you can be a subscriber, although given her past patterns, it's not clear Palin will stick with it for an entire year. Something better might come up.

Numerous wits proposed show titles under #PalinTVShows.

Here's a sampling of the best suggestions with their author's Twitter tags. Sarah, listen up. Some very good ideas here.

1. "Really Easy Jeopardy"


2. "Back Alley McBeal"


3. "Death Panels, She Wrote"


4. "I Love Lucy But Deport Ricky"

@DavidCornDC (yes, that David Corn)

5. "Meet the Press . . . Never"


6. "Say Yes to the Confederate Flag Dress"


7. "James and the Giant Impeach"

@lizzwinstead (Yeupp, again. She's good.)

8. "The Sorest Loser"


9. "My Three Guns"


10. "Sarah the Vocabulary Slayer"


11. "Who Wants to Be a Shill-ionaire"


12. "Gone With the Windbag"

@FrankJPaladino (again)

13. "Camo Is the New Black"


14. "Mama Grizzly Addams Family Values"


15. "The Weakest Wink"







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