Colbert on the Consequences of Raising the Minimum Wage—It Would Eliminate a Lot of Poor People

"That's the kind of thing Hitler used to talk about."

Photo Credit: Leroy Harvey/

"It pains me that in a country of such wealth as ours, so many live in poverty," Stephen Colbert opened a segment on the minimum wage and the growing activism of low-wage workers last night. "It pains me even more when those people won't shut up whining about it — 'I want a union, I want a living wage, I want all my fingers,'" he joked.

He then exclaimed about how fast food workers are demanding a doubling of their paltry wages to $15 an hour. "What do they think? That those arches are made of gold?"

Then the comedian made one of his best cracks. "The consequences of a wage increase are too horrible to contemplate. A living wage would eliminate 3.6 million poor people. That's the kind of thing Hitler used to talk about."

Worth watching as Colbert also takes on ridiculous Fox News commentator Neil Cavuto in a segment Colbert calls: "Rich White Guys Agreeing With Each Other."



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