BEST VIDEO OF THE DAY: This Union-Made Dance Video Actually Kicks Ass

Working America demonstrates through dance the power of coworker collectivism.

Photo Credit: Working America

This is awesome.

Working America, a community affiliate of AFL-ICO, produced this fierce video, demonstrating through dance the power of coworker collectivism. The video begins with a scenario that might ring true for far too many Americans: a worker is denied a previously scheduled day off, in this hypothetical case, for his sister’s wedding.

“Well, you could dance for it,” the boss man derisively suggests, before launching into a cheesy, old man-ish dance in 80’s gym gear.

That’s when it all goes down. A coworker comes to the would-be wedding attendee’s defense, stomping and snapping right in the face of the oppressive boss. Other workers see this and jump in, grooving, spinning, and getting creative with office supplies. With his colleagues on his side, our protagonist feels empowered enough to launch into an epic breakdance.

Of course, Working America’s surprisingly hip music video comes with a message at the end. It notes that “When workers stick together and protect each other on the job,” they’re “more likely to have a set schedule or regular hours,” “30 percent more likely to get paid sick leave,” among other benefits.


Steven Hsieh is an editorial assistant at AlterNet and writer based in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter @stevenjhsieh.