Jon Stewart Takes on the Craziest Rape-Denying, Conspiracy-Spouting GOP Candidates

Have you seen some of the guys running for local office?

Missouri congressman Todd Akin. US Capitol Police said they are investigating a possible threat against Akin, the congressman who triggered an uproar when he said a woman's body can prevent pregnancy in cases of rape.

Think that Paul Ryan fella is bad? Have you met about his "legitimate-rape" spouting, evolution-denying, conspiracy-embracing compatriots downticket?

In a segment titled "You Magnificent Bastards" Jon Stewart introduced his viewers last night to GOP characters like Todd Akin, Joe Walsh, Paul Broun and of course Allen West. These guys aren't just running for office, he noted, many of them hold plum committee seats already, don't you know--including the Committee on Science and Technology.

The phrases "uncontrollable lunatic" "fucking crazy" and "magic vagina guy" may or may not have been used.

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Watch below, and feel free to cringe.



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