Jon Stewart Slams NRA Fearmongering at Gun-apalooza

The right-wing crazy was in full display at the NRA's convention.

Over the weekend the National Rifle Association held their annual convention. The event did not dissapoint, offering such gems as a zombie shooting target that resembled President Obama and comparisons of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to a Nazi. But it wasn't all about guns! As Jon Stewart pointed out on last night's Daily Show, the gun lobby group also went after Obama on health care reform and Benghazi, of all things. It was a lineup remarkably close to that of CPAC, the conservative political action conference, Stewart pointed out. 

When the conservative all stars like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry got to guns, they resorted to predictable fearmongering. Glenn Beck, for one, virtually accused non-gun owners of allowing their loved ones to be raped.  Watch Jon Stewart slam NRA fearmongerng in the two Daily Show segments below:


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