Jon Stewart Slams Fox News for Their Ridiculous War on Christmas

Christmas is bigger than ever, Stewart points out.

America has been embroiled in a long and bitter struggle: the War on Christmas. Last night, Jon Stewart paid a visit to the last defenders of the embattled holiday at Fox News.

"Doesn't it seem like the War on Christmas is becoming .... a bit predictable?" Stewart wonders and whips out a Mad Lib, all you really need to create a Fox News War on Christmas controversy. This time around Fox talking heads are freaking out because a court ruled that the City of Santa Monica can't put a nativity scene in a public park. Stewart slumps in his chair with boredom and observes that the War on Christmas seems to have lost its deep spiritual meaning.

He then points out that Fox's freak-outs are especially nuts given how over-the-top and big Christmas has become. Christmas, Stewart points out, actually ate Thanksgiving this year -- Black Friday, the start of the Christmas shopping season, started on Thursday.

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