Jon Stewart Slams Armstrong Doping 'Confession'

"Of course he was doping!" says Stewart.

Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart dug into reports that Lance Armstrong admitted to doping in an Oprah Winfrey interview that will run this Thursday. Scoffing at the media’s obsession with the cancer-survivor/seven-time Tou de France winner’s performance-enhancing drug use, Stewart joked that “Any idiot with half a brain should’ve been able to see Armstrong was lying.”

“You can beat testicular cancer. You can win the Tour de France. But you can’t win the Tour de France seven times after beating testicular cancer,” he quipped, adding that learning of Armstrong’s doping is “like when you find out the tooth fairy isn’t real for the first time, and then you think about it.”

Responding to reports that Armstrong will testify against officials who knew about or enabled his drug use, Stewart closed the segment with a clever observation. “America doesn’t really like liars, but they love a snitch,” he said.

Watch it:



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