Jon Stewart Skewers Insane Media Response to Ebola and Chris Christie's D*ckishness

Why does Christie have to be a d*ck about everything?

Last night, Jon Stewart skewered the predictably overwrought media coverage of the first case of Ebola to appear in the Northeast after a thirty-three year old doctor tested positive for the disease. Also unsurprising: Chris Christie's d*ickishness. 

Stewart notes that Christie not only placed a nurse showing no symptoms of Ebola in quarantine; he also had to be a jerk about it. Stewart rolled footage of Christie's testy response to the nurse's protests. 

"He can't just quarantine someone, he has to be like, 'Hey, you're a doctor without borders, NOT ANYMORE, get in the f*cking room!" Stewart mocked. 

Watch the video below: 



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