John Oliver's Hilarious Breakdown of Republican Reactions to DOMA Ruling

Why the long face?

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Last night on the Daily Show, John Oliver looked at some of the most ridiculous Republican reactions to DOMA, and hilariously challenged the alleged 'purity' of mind and soul from where they claim their 'concerns' with same-sex marriage are rooted.

After showing some GOPers sounding off on the ruling (including Sarah Palin's beautifully crafted response that an “oligarchy of five” now decides the "most fundamental isssues of our day") John Oliver wondered what's really making them so angry. As he said, it seems to be a bit deeper than intellectual debate. 

Then, he gets to the bottom of yet. In the words of the  Republicans themselves, the Supreme Court has "not yet arisen to the level of God" and is a "holy quintet who goes against the laws of nature and nature's God."

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 Then, of course, keep-your-government-hands-off-the-people Rand Paul asked what this decision means for the future, and the classic question, "Does it have to be humans?"

Oliver pointed out that "It’s only when you’re talking about sex that your definitely not perverted brains go straight to animals," because, as he said, it's not like you ever hear the GOP say about Obamacare, “What’s next? are we going to give health care to turtles?"

He went further to tell Paul, “It seems like this is a personal fight for you. Perhaps -- and I'm just guessing -- you're in a relationship with an animal and you fear that this court ruling is pushing you in a direction where you’re pressured to get married. But relax! You don't need a piece of paper to define your love."

Watch it: