Watch! John Oliver on Anthony Weiner's Impulse Control Problem

"America is experiencing a collective deja-ewwwww."

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As you might expect, John Oliver had a field day with the new Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, a bit of a "cock-up," Oliver said Britishly, in Weiner's mayoral campaign. For humorists, there is a plenty of material to mine here. Weiner, who we might remind, was, until the other day, the frontrunner in the Democratic race to become New York City's mayor, having claimed to be a changed man after a previous sexting scandal cost him his Congressional seat. This time around, he used the alias, Carlos Danger, which Oliver compares to a Bolivian action hero/porn star. 

Despite the embarrassing revelations, Weiner has vowed to stay in the race. "Wow," said Oliver. "That man has balls . . . And a penis."

Of Course, there's more. Watch:

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