Watch: John Oliver Nails Scotus for Gutting Voting Rights Act

"It takes Texas less time to disenfranchise minority voters than it takes them to barbecue a pig."

Last night, John Oliver wasted no time in hilariously scolding the Supreme Court for its horrendous decision to scuttle the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the landmark piece of civil rights legislation which has potected the rights of minority voters in states with a history of racism. "These states include: Whitesylvania, Pale-afornia, Klansas, Caucasicut and Mississippi," the Daily Show host joked.

At least John Roberts gave a really good reason for the change, Oliver further mocked. "The country has changed," said Chief Justice Roberts.

"It has changed," Oliver replied. "We have iPads, Twitter, maxi-pads with wings, and everyone is allergic to bread."

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Texas, Oliver pointed out, wasted no time in reacting. Two hours later, the state was enacting redistricting and the most restrictive voter I.D. laws in the country. "It takes less time for them to disenfranchise minority voters than to barbecue a pig," Oliver concluded.