‘It’s a BS Debate’: The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Meghan McCain Whining About the ‘Fake’ War on Christmas

Meghan McCain claimed that before she joined "The View," no one "on this show really understood what the culture war is.”

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain

During their first August show on Wednesday, “The View” co-hosts discussed the so-called “War  on Christmas” after Donald Trump declared it “over” during a rally in Florida.

“It's awfully early to be thinking this, but I always think sitting remember the attack on ‘Merry Christmas,’” Trump told his supporters Tuesday. “They’re not attacking it anymore. Everyone's happy to say ‘Merry Christmas,’ right? And that's because—only because—of our campaign.”

“It’s July, why are we talking about 'Merry Christmas?'” Sunny Hostin asked.

“He's doing his hits,” Joy Behar quipped. “Oldies but goodies.”

“The ‘War on Christmas’—I worked at Fox for years— and the ‘War on Christmas’ is a real siren song on the right,” Meghan McCain explained. “If you don't know what that means, there’s sort of an assault on saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and Christian beliefs. I have never once said ‘Merry Christmas; to anyone anywhere and been told I offended them. So I always thought it was ridiculous. It is something people on the right in some areas of the country really, really think is a big thing. They don’t want Christmas going away.”

“I don't mind that they're obsessed with this if they would be obsessed with the war on the press, the war on immigrants, the war on democracy,” Behar replied. “You say ‘Happy holidays,’ they go ballistic. Everything else is falling apart.”

“Can I point something out?” Whoopi Goldberg asked. “Maybe folks have forgotten. One of the great things about this democracy is you can have your belief system be whatever you want. If I meet somebody, I say happy holidays because I don't know if they're Christians, I don't know if the they're Jews … So I say happy holidays.”

Goldberg added companies, like Starbucks, say “Happy Holidays” because they “have millions of people coming in and out of your thing.”

“You don't though their religions,” Goldberg said. “You have no idea. So people try to be tolerant. So whatever you believe, they feel they have covered it.”

“The this is a siren song, though,” McCain complained. If you say happy -- if you say merry Christmas. You're not inclusive. Not tolerant. This is riling it up here. I say merry Christmas. I don't think I'm an intolerant person.”

“Most people are not offended [by someone saying ‘Merry Christmas’],” Goldberg later said. “I think sometimes people want to be able to have a choice. I don't understand why you can't say all of it? Why I have to do one thing and not the other.”

“I'm not going to be told how the greet people,” Goldberg continued. “If I'm comfortable saying happy holidays, because I'm not sure, or ‘Merry Christmas’ to people I know are Christians. t's not a war. It's me trying to figure out what I want to do. But you can't tell me what I should be doing. You can't tell me I'm at war with you because I'm not saying ‘Merry Christmas.’”

“You also can't tell someone they can't say merry Christmas,” McCain shot back.

“No one says that!” Hostin and Goldberg replied.

McCain insisted Trump is “brilliant” to bring up the “War on Christmas” calling it a “real thing going on in our culture” because “we're having a debate about it on this table.”

“He's brilliant but it's a B.S. Debate,” Goldberg replied. “It's a B.S. Debate. I’m sorry.”

“It may be a B.S. debate, but it's not a B.S. culture war issue,” McCain said. “And that's what people are talking about here.”

“I think it's fake,” Hostin replied.

“As a person who has grown up around Christians and Jews and grown up around Muslims, if I know who you are, I'll say happy whatever,” Goldberg said. “If I don't know and somebody walks up and says, ‘Hey.’ I say, ‘Hey, how you doing? Happy holidays.’ Because I don't know. You should the able to say whatever it is you're comfortable you're saying. I don't think anybody should tell you you can't say this. I'm speaking for myself saying I feel like, there are things that I do want to acknowledge. I do want to acknowledge the holidays for folks.”

McCain want on to claim that before she came on the "The View", no one "on this show really understood what the culture war is.”

“We understood what the culture war is, we didn't believe in it,” Goldberg said.

“A war takes two sides,” Hostin replied.

“And it's just Republicans that are always on the bad side,” McCain complained.

“That's you saying that,” Goldberg said.

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