Israeli Troops Kill 1 Palestinian, Wound 19 in First Violence Since Cease-Fire

Violence has returned to Gaza, but hopefully only briefly.

A demonstration against the assault on the Gaza Strip on January 02, 2009 at Old City, Jerusalem, Israel.
Photo Credit: Mikhail Levit /

Violence has returned to Gaza. The region's short-lived truce was upended on Friday, as Israeli troops today fired on a Palestinian crowd reportedly "surging toward" Israel's border, killing one Palestiniana nd wounding 19.  The Associated Press calls the shooting "unlikely to jeopardize" the cease-fire that followed eight days of the worst violence between Israel and Hamas in four years. 

The AP explains:

On Friday, hundreds of Palestinians approached Israel's border fence in several locations in southern Gaza.

In the past, Israel's military barred Palestinians from getting close to the fence, and soldiers routinely opened fire on violators to enforce a 300-meter-wide no-go zone meant to prevent infiltrations into Israel.

Since the cease-fire, growing numbers of Gazans have entered the no-go zone, testing expectations that such restrictions would now be lifted.

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