17 Insane Rudy Giuliani Quotes As Motivational Posters

"I don't think waterboarding is torture."

Rudy Guiliani never seems to bite his tongue. The former mayor of New York City can't help but share inflammatory hate speech on black on black crime, the right to profile Muslims and as everyone has heard by now, the questions of Obama's patriotism and upbringing. 

Vice President Joe Biden once said that Guiliani can only mention three words in a sentence — "a noun and a verb and 9/11." If only Biden's joke was true, the media and political landscape both would be much less a joke itself without the hate speech expressed by "America's Mayor."

1. When he questioned President Barack Obama's patriotism:

Ryan McGuire / Gratisography

2. And defended himself by questioning Obama's blackness:

Jens Mayer / Unsplash

3. And Obama's leadership:

Ryan McGuire / IM Creator

4. When he offered Mitt Romney advice for the 2012 election:

Ryan McGuire / Gratisography

5. When he explained why white officers are killing so manyunarmed blacks:

lee Scott / Unsplash

6. When he weighed in on torture:

David Marcu / Unsplash

7. And make this hilarious joke about it:

Joschko Hammerman / Unsplash

8. When he completely forgot about 9/11:

Jake Givens / Unsplash

9. And when put terrorism in perspective for us all:

superfamous / Flickr

10. When he said it's not ethinic profiling to focus on Muslims

Caleb George / Unsplash

11. When he explained why his stop-and-frisk policy isn't racist: 

Jim Trodel / Flickr

12. When he displayed his humility:

Viktor Hanacek / Unsplash

13. When he offered this backwards definition of freedom:

Ryan McGuire / Gratisography

14. When he repeated this moderate tagline at every campaign appearance:

Stuart Webster / Flickr

15. When he exposed Hillary Clinton and Obama's agenda:


Bokehilicious / Flickr

16. When he spoke out on the Eric Garner protests: 

superfamous / Flickr

17. And when said this after Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown:

superfamous / Flickr

Justin Michael Carissimo is a writer living in Brooklyn. He's written for BuzzFeed, Legal Funding Central, International Business Times and Ashton Kutcher's A+. Follow him on Twitter: @JstnMchl.

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