John Oliver's Latest Epic Rant Destroys Immigration Myths Hilariously One by One

If only we could build a 'fence of facts' to protect ourself from 'undocumented opinions.'

Photo Credit: via HBO

HBO's British-accented comedian John Oliver took on a topic that is close to his heart last night, ranting for more than 10 minutes about America and immigration. His starting point is how the media jumped on the defeat of House Speaker Eric Cantor by libertarian, anti-immigrationist economics professor Dave Brat and declared that "Immigration reform is dead . . . dead as a doornail . . . dead."

Oliver dismantles that myth by pointing out that 65,000 primary voters in Virginia do not a mandate make. He digresses to show clips of racists and anti-immigrant idiots in other countries. "I come from England," he points out. "It's a national pastime hating immigrants."

Then he turns to some of the absurd statements anti-immigrationists make here.

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Dave Brat declared that, "We clearly can't import 7 billion people into America," to which Oliver points out. "No one is suggesting that."

With all the misinformation, Oliver wonders if maybe we can build a protective barrier around ourselves against, "and this is going to sound a little racist," he quips, "undocumented opinions."

These include provably untrue claims like the one about immigrants taking away real Americans' jobs.

"It's not true, but it feels like it might be," Oliver says. "Like bears only have sex face to face."

Iowa Tea Party Rep. Steve King's infamous and ridiculous claim that immigrants have cantaloupe calves because they are hauling marijuana gets the sharp-tongued British treatment as well. 

But Oliver likes America. "It's really great here," he says genuinely. "You guys have done a great job branding yourselves."

That brand, of course, includes the embrace of immigrants.

Watch. It's, as the British might say, spot on.