Immigration Knocks on Your Door: What Should You Do?

Immigration raids potentially affect 11 million undocumented people.

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An ICE raid is an enforcement action taken by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. When charged with enforcing an employer’s compliance with immigration laws, an ICE officer will visit the home of the person who appears to be undocumented for questioning — which often leads to an arrest.
The Obama administration began a new wave of arrests of Central American immigrant families this year, moving forward with deportations of mothers and children, despite an outcry from immigrants rights groups and potential political fallout for Democrats. Last year, thousands of people were arrested nationwide. 
According to immigration attorney Alma Rosa Nieto, one must ask the ICE officer to see a warrant. There are two types of warrants; one is administrative, while the other is issued by a superior court judge. If it's issued by an administrative body, you can ignore that warrant, Nieto says, and you can tell the immigration officer to come back with a warrant properly issued by a judge. 
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Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.