'I'm Not a Snowflake': The View's Meghan McCain Rants About How 'Unpopular' Her Opinions Are After Co-Hosts Disagree on Immigration

Meghan McCain didn't agree with her co-hosts about Donald Trump's immigration policy. Then all hell broke loose.

Meghan McCain not being a snowflake.

The hosts of The View on Thursday smacked down Meghan McCain after she disagreed with their stance on Donald Trump’s immigration policy, gaining she’s “not a snowflake” and knows “how unpopular” her opinion is but “If we’re a nation without borders and laws then we’re not a nation.”

“I disagree with a lot of what everyone’s saying,” McCain said after her fellow co-hosts reacted in disgust over reports a woman at the border was separated from her child while breastfeeding.

“What do you disagree with?” Joy Behar asked.

McCain insisted she believes in “comprehensive immigration reform” but also “[believes] we are a nation of borders and laws.”

“Do you think this is comprehensive?” Behar asked. “Do you think what they are doing is comprehensive immigration policy?”

McCain clarified she was explaining how the country got to the point where border patrol agents are separating children from there parents, arguing “you can’t be surprised …. that this is what happens” when someone like Trump takes office.

Whoopi Goldberg pointed out the issue her fellow castmates are having surrounds the Trump policy of telling women seeking asylum “we’re not interested in having you.”

“I know when I say this, I know how unpopular it is,” McCain professed. “I’m not a snowflake. I know what I’m saying”

“I’m not sure what I disagree with you about,” Behar remarked.

“If we’re a nation without borders and laws then we’re not a nation,” McCain repeated.

Goldberg noted the “law has always been asylum seekers would be welcome.”

“That’s the point,” Sunny Hostin replied.

“I don’t agree with any of this, I’m just trying to explain how we got here as a country,” McCain claimed.

“We all kind of get that part, I think what I specifically am talking about are people who are lawfully coming here,” Goldberg said.

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