Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Law Against Collective Bargaining

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's signature law slashing collective bargaining rights for public employees has already taken one judicial hit, and now it's taken another:

Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas ruled that the law violates both the state and U.S. Constitution and is null and void. The ruling comes after a lawsuit brought by the Madison teachers union and a union for Milwaukee city employees.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said he was confident the decision will be overturned on appeal.

It's not clear if the judge's ruling means the law is suspended. Scott Walker may have survived recall, but this fight is not over.

3:26 PM PT: You can read the judge's ruling here.

3:42 PM PT: To clarify, though parts of the law have previously been struck down, the majority-conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned that—which may be a clue to the future of this ruling as well. One hopes that Judge Colas wrote very carefully with that in mind.


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Posted at September 14, 2012, 3:51pm

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