WikiLeaks in Latin America: Online Whistleblower’s Wide Impact in Region Where Assange Seeks Asylum

<p>If Julian Assange is granted asylum in Ecuador, he will become a resident of Latin America, where the trove of classified U.S. State Department cables he strategically disseminated through WikiLeaks has generated hundreds of headlines, from Mexico to Chile. A year after thousands of cables on Latin America were first released, the revelations have had different results &mdash; in two countries it led to the forced departure of the U.S. ambassador; in another it helped change the course of a presidential election. We&rsquo;re joined by Peter Kornbluh, guest editor of &quot;WikiLeaks: Latin America,&quot; a recent edition of The Nation magazine devoted to exploring the impact of WikiLeaks across the region. Kornbluh is a senior analyst on Latin America at the National Security Archive.</p><p><iframe width="400" height="225" src=" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Democracy Now / By Amy Goodman

Posted at August 4, 2012, 11:46am

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