Shooters at Sikh Temple, Batman, and Arizona All Used Semi-Automatic Weapons

Many of the most recent high-profile shootings in the USA were carried out with the same type of weapons--purchased legally. Reuters has the lowdown:



(Reuters) - The semiautomatic handgun used in the deadly attack on a Wisconsin Sikh temple is the same type used in other recent U.S. mass shootings, including one at a theater in Colorado, and the attack on a congresswoman in Arizona, gun experts said.

Wisconsin shooter Wade Michael Page used a Springfield 9mm semiautomatic handgun to carry out the attack at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, officials said. As in several other recent mass shootings, the gun had been purchased legally, at a Milwaukee-area gun store called the Shooter Shop.

The Aurora Colorado movie theater shooting, Virginia Tech shooting, and Arizona shooting which wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords all involved the same type of weapon.

This evidence certainly undermines the "guns don't kill people" fallacy.

Semiautomatic handguns are the weapon of choice for mass murderers because they are light and easy to conceal, and adaptable to using high-capacity magazines, experts say. This allows the shooter to fire the maximum number of bullets in a short period of time, said Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, a nonprofit group that advocates to reduce gun violence.

There is absolutely no reason for these weapons to be so easily available. They are weapons of mass destruction as far as I'm concerned, and have no place in civilians' hands.


By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at August 7, 2012, 8:37am

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