Pundit Calls Ryan's Wife's Life "Normal," Showing How Clueless Washington DC Really Is


Can you see what's wrong with this picture? 

"Janna is a seasoned political partner who lives a real middle-class mother life with real Americans in the middle of the country,” said veteran GOP strategist Mary Matalin. “Hard to imagine a greater asset to the campaign than such an authentic presence.

This is a perfect Villager comment. "A seasoned political partner" who is also an "authentic" middle class mother just like "real Americans" in the middle of the country. 

Uhm no. "Seasoned political partners" aren't average people and Janna Ryan is not just like real American moms in the middle of the country living a real middle-class mother life. She's married to one of the most powerful men in the US Government, a man who routinely hob-nobs with the wealthiest people in world. He's also running for Vice President of the most powerful nation on earth. I'm sure millionaire celebrities consider all these things to be signs of normal middle class life since they think they are all salt 'o the earth reglar folk themselves, but it just ain't true. 

Oh, did I mention this?

An Oklahoma native, her cousin is retiring Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.), and her uncle David Boren is a former governor and senator.

And hilariously, the very next paragraph after Matalin's absurd spin says this:

“She has good and sharp political instincts. She knows Capitol Hill well, having worked as both a staffer and a lobbyist,” Cole said. “She was a tax lobbyist, so she knows the fiscal issues as well as anybody and probably more than any of the spouses that, with all due respect, didn’t come from that background, whether it’s Michelle [Obama] or Ann [Romney] or Jill [Biden]. She did.”

Sure, most all-American soccer moms are lobbyists. What could be more common? 

That's the very essence of the Village, right there. They honestly believe they are average people. They're all just regular folks like you and me --- well except for all the money, the power and the celebrity. But what difference could that possibly make?

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Posted at September 11, 2012, 6:07am