Overzealous NYPD: Man Arrested at Zuccotti for Yelling; Code Pink Codirector Arrested for Throwing a Bra

Recently, it appears the NYPD is getting even more voracious in their policing, with increasing examples of arrests over absurd and unclear violations. Today at Zuccotti Park, where protesters are commemorating the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, there's already been at least one arrest under confused pretenses, when a man was hauled in, apparently, for yelling. The New York Times:

In one confrontation, several hundred people marched slowly along Broadway and as part of the group passed Wall Street, a line of officers separated the march into two parts. A few moments later, officers approached a man who had been loudly yelling objections to the metal police barricades that cordoned off Wall Street. The officers grabbed the man, who began shouting “I did nothing wrong,” then removed him. As they were leading him away, a line of officers pushed a large crowd of people, including news photographers, away from the arrest.

With cops becoming more aggressive in the past few days, it's safe to say that example won't be an isolated incident. During Sunday's Wall Street Protests, Code Pink Codirector Rae Abileah was arrested outside a New York Bank of America for "blocking a sidewalk"—but the cops didn't take action against her (or anyone else at the protest) until she tossed a hot pink bra into the air. Here's video of the event, which clearly shoes a confounded and confused Abileah being taken away into an NYPD van for no apparent reason but the bra-throw:


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AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at September 17, 2012, 7:35am

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