NYPD and Microsoft Team Up to Create 3,000 Camera Surveillance Network

Coming soon to a city near you? The NYPD and Microsoft have teamed up to create a network of 3,000 cameras and  and 2,600 radiation detecting sensors called a "Domain Awareness Surveillance" system to enable the department to "fight crime and terror"--and, since it had a hand in the system's creation, to reap 30% of the profits if the project spreads to other cities.

From CBS New York:

The system uses 3,000 cameras positioned in Lower Manhattan south of Canal Street, river to river, and between 30th and 60th streets, river to river. It links up to license plate readers, 911 calls and other NYPD data records.


It will enable investigators to do things like:

* Identify whether a radiation alarm was set off by actual radiation, a weapon, or a harmless medical isotope

* Track where a suspect’s car is located, and where it has been in the past few days, weeks or months

* Instantly see a suspect’s arrest record, and 911 calls related to the crime

All this is allegedly about fighting crime and terrorism, but the creepy surveillance state stuff is, well, creepy.HuffPo reports on Bloomberg's dismissal of those concerns:


What you're seeing is what the private sector has used for a long time. If you walk around with a cell phone, the cell phone company knows where you are…We're not your mom and pop's police department anymore."

How comforting. I feel safer already, don't you?


AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at August 11, 2012, 8:28am

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