Melissa Leo Gives Awesome Feminist Interview (Despite Not Being a Feminist), Wears Vibram FiveFingers in NY Times Magazine


Yes and yes. My favorite parts:

Why do you think male actors are more often in relationships?
Because 80 percent of female actors are pretty strong, powerful women, and that’s a very hard relationship for men to have. Even today, in 2012, the guy is supposed to be in charge. I see it in every heterosexual relationship I know, the acquiescence of the female. When I observe people being coupled, I see too many compromises that I don’t know that I could make or would want to make.

You once said you were fired from “Homicide: Life on the Streets” after five seasons because you didn’t fit into the network’s “tight-sweater format.”
The network was never happy with Kay Howard. Breasts and females, there’s a subject we could talk about for a long, long time. How our place in the world and our sense of self is shaped by the size, shape, tone and texture of our breasts. Mine worked really good. They fed my infant.

Feministe / By Jill F

Posted at September 17, 2012, 1:08pm

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