Man Orders TV on Amazon, Gets Semiautomatic Rifle Instead

The Washington Post reports that a D.C. man who ordered a 39-inch television off Amazon received something more dangerous than he bargained for: "a tactical military-style SIG716 semiautomatic rifle, wrapped in heavy plastic and encased in Styrofoam, with an empty magazine for 7.62x51mm ammunition."


When the UPS package arrived at Seth Horovitz's home, he thought it must be an accessory for the TV he ordered. The package was too small to be a TV, but it was addressed to him. Instead, Horovitz, who was expecting dinner guests any minute, "reached into the box and felt the weapon’s pistol grip and trigger." It was the first time he had ever touched a gun.

“I definitely knew it was a mistake,” Horovitz told the Post. “But I was confused as to how that kind of mix-up could happen. Especially given the recent events, the recent shootings. It surprised me to see how easy it would be for a gun to show up on someone’s doorstep — not just a gun, but an assault weapon.” Furthermore, he says, "I personally would like to see all assault weapons banned."

Turns out the gun should have been addressed and delivered to a gun shop outside Pittsburgh. It had been sent my a third-party gun seller called At this time it's reportedly unclear who -- UPS? Amazon? the seller? -- is responsible for the mix-up.

Confused about what to do with the nearly $1,600 assault weapon he had accidentally ended up with, Horovitz called the police, who hauled the weapon away.

He's yet to receive his TV.

Read more at the Washington Post.

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at August 9, 2012, 7:34am

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