A Guide to Smoking Weed (Without Ending Up in Jail or the Hospital)

The East Bay Expressis really doing god's work this week, creating a guide for UC Berkeley students on how to smoke weed without landing in jail or the ER -- perfect for back-to-school time, especially for incoming college freshman.

Journliast David Downs interviewed college lecturer and Drug Policy Alliance policy manager Amanda Reiman for the piece, and Reiman's main take-away message is this:

Don't scarf down pot brownies, and be careful mixing weed with alcohol.

Abide by those two simple rules, and you'll avoid becoming a freshman cliché at the hospital or the city jail.

Some more sensible advice:

Reiman actually recommends pot over alcohol as a recreational substance. "I don't want kids to think that they're equal," she said. "You're really better with the marijuana as long as you're not putting yourself at heightened risk of getting arrested or in trouble."

Pot has no lethal dose, is significantly less addictive than alcohol or nicotine, and has mild, medically benign withdrawal symptoms, Reiman noted. Pot's biggest risk can be from law enforcement or other institutions, she said.

So there ya have it. Send to every college kid you know.

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at August 23, 2012, 9:07am

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