Dem Officials Dodge Questions About Drones, "Kill List"

After the choreographed spectacle of entertainment that was the DNC, it's important not to forget the most troubling policy moves of the current administration.

And in my humble opinion, those are definitely civil liberty erosions and expansion of executive authority. Why? Because that scary authority will be passed on to the next president, and as the past few elections have shown, we tend to nominate a lot of untrustworthy people to that highest office and the next-highest, too.

That's why it was particularly brilliant of Gawker's John Cook and team to ask the following question of a number of Democratic operatives and luminaries and plain old delegates as they walked around the convention center in Charlotte: "Would you trust Mitt Romney with a kill list?" Indeed. Would we trust him with the extrajudicial killing of citizens in which our current president has engaged?

It's all detailed in a video and post over at Gawker.

Meanwhile at Motherboard, here's an important list of the six people whose names weren't heard at the convention and will probably be ignored in campaign season. They include Bradley Manning and Julian Assange--but the ones you haven't heard may gnaw at you even more. 

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at September 7, 2012, 10:04am

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