Congress Tried to Pass Anti-Women Bills on an Average of Once A Week


Some might call it an obsession. However you want to look at it, the far right in Congress seemed to have an unhealthy fixation on women's rights last session. According to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, the 112th Congress offered up an overwhelming 55 anti-women bills, averaging more than one a week.

From the report:

Since the beginning of the 112thCongress in January 2011, the Republican-controlled House has cast 55 votes for anti-women policies that undermine women’s health, roll back women’s rights, and defund programs and institutions that provide support for women.

“House Republicans have voted repeatedly for legislation that would be harmful to women’s health and women’s rights,” said Rep. Waxman.  “I have worked for decades to promote equality for women, but the bipartisan support for women’s programs that used to exist in Congress has been shattered by tea party extremism.  The Republican-controlled House has become the most anti-women House in modern history.”

The report, prepared by the Democratic staff of the Energy and Commerce Committee, found that the House passed an average of one anti-women vote for every week that it has been in session for the 112th Congress.  These votes constitute almost 5% of all House legislative votes taken since January 2011.

But don't forget, it's just an "imaginary" war on women.

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Posted at September 7, 2012, 8:26am