AlterNet Radio: Amanda Marcotte and Glenn Greenwald on the Julian Assange Affair

This week on the AlterNet Radio Hour, a look at the stand-off over Julian Assange, whom Sweden wants to answer to allegations of sexual assault. Assange was granted asylum by Ecuador, but denied safe passage to get there by the UK -- he remains in the Ecuadoran embassy in London. 

We're joined first by Sarah Kinosian, a free-lance journalist who's normally based in Medellin, Colombia, but has been in Quito this week covering the story as it relates to Ecuador's domestic politics.

Then we have Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon to talk about the way the Swedish sexual assault charges have been greted by many of Assange's supporters.

Finally, Glenn Greenwald, who recently moved to the Guardian, argues that Assange is right to worry about what might follow his extradition to Sweden. Our own Joshua Holland disagrees -- it's a good discussion. 

If you're in Washington, DC, you can tune into the show at 6 pm EST at 1480 AM. If you're anywhere else, you can stream it live at We Act Radio, and if you miss it, check back later for a podcast. 

UPDATE: Here it is...

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AlterNet / By Editorial Staff

Posted at September 1, 2012, 12:01pm

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