Akin Makes Mea Culpa Video, While Piers Morgan Yells at Empty Chair, Calls Akin "Gutless Twerp"

Two good stories on Akin-gate (the gift that keeps on giving, or the not-actually-a-gaffe that keeps on gaffe-ing) this morning.

Firstly, via POLITICO, Akin released a sober mea culpa ad asking for forgiveness: so by apologizing profusely he's in it to win it, legitimate rape or no legitimate rape!

Personally, I prefer this Onion version of his apology.

Secondly, Akin was nonetheless a no-show on Piers Morgan's show, and he got the patented "yelling at an empty chair" treatment. Morgan called him a "gutless little twerp"--but to be fair, the insult was conditional. He's only said twerp, Morgan explained, if he does't come back to the show to explain himself. Do you think Morgan will be satisified with Akin's apology video above?

Or will he feel that because it was made under "forcible" circumstance it's not "legitimate?"

Watch the Morgan non-appearance below:

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at August 21, 2012, 5:47am

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