7 Dead in Mass Shooting at Milwaukee-Area Sikh Temple; Hate Crime Alleged


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting the death toll at a mass shooting in an Oak Creek, Wis., Sikh Temple at seven people, including a shooter. It remains unclear if that shooter acted alone.

From the Journal Sentinel:


Someone who sent a text message to a Journal Sentinel reporter shortly before noon said that there were two shooters with children possibly as hostages.

And the head priest was locked inside a restroom with a cell phone and that there were as many as 20 to 30 victims.

One of the temple's committee members, Ven Boba Ri, said that based on communication with people inside the temple, the shooter was a white male in his 30s.

"We have no idea," he said of the motive. "It's pretty much a hate crime. It's not an insider."


AlterNet / By AlterNet Staff

Posted at August 5, 2012, 12:31pm

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