The 6 Most Awesome Things to Come Out of the Olympics Opening Ceremonies

I didn't meanto watch all 4.5 hours of last night's Olympics opening ceremonies, and yet somehow, I found my butt planted firmly on my couch, eyes glued to the TV, all evening. And no regrets! That was some bonkers stuff: the pyrotechnics, the outfits, the world leaders, the good and bad music, the CORGIS, allllll the soot- and mud-covered costumes, so much nationalism, the logistics (someone buy those athlete-wranglers a beer), the 16-year-olds marching next to 61-year-olds, the people who somehow kept drumming for like 3 hours without their arms falling off. Nutty.

Whether you watched the ceremonies or not, here are several awesome things to come out of them.

1. The Queen's adorable corgis (and, ok, parachuting):

2. This:


3. This female weightlifter picking up Michelle Obama:


4. This guy (the British Olympic Minister) laughing at Mitt Romney:

5. This New York Timesreview that discusses the ceremonies' politics:

The ceremony, too, reflected the deeply left-leaning sensibilities of [director Danny] Boyle. It pointedly included trade union members among a parade of people celebrating political agitators from the past, a parade that also included suffragists, Afro-Caribbean immigrants who fought for minority rights, and the Jarrow hunger marchers, who protested against unemployment in 1936. 

It would not be lost on Mr. Boyle that unions have suffered in Britain in recent years, particularly at the hands of the Conservative Party, led by Mr. Cameron. But he devised the ceremony, he said, with no political interference.

That proved highly irritating to at least one politician, Aiden Burley, a Conservative member of Parliament, who denounced on Twitter what he referred to as the ceremony’s “leftie multicultural” content.

6. The Mexican flagbearer's outfit.

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at July 28, 2012, 7:07am

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