Watch: Young Turks Pick Apart Clinton Camp’s Bogus Attack on Sanders to Avoid Debate in New York

Clinton won’t debate Sanders in New York prior to the upcoming primary and says Bernie should “tone it down.” Internet responds: “Tone down for what?”

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With just weeks away from the April 19 primary in New York, Bernie Sanders has requested a debate with Hillary Clinton in New York. Both Democratic candidates have a history in NYC—Bernie Sanders was raised in Brooklyn and Hillary Clinton Clinton served as a U.S. senator in New York from 2001 to 2009. However, according to a Clinton spokesperson, it wasn’t so much Bernie’s big wins on Western Saturday that ruffled the Clinton campaign’s feathers, but Sanders’... tone.

“What was notable this weekend was that [the Sanders campaign] is testing more negative ads against Hillary Clinton,” Joel Beneson, the Hillary for America chief strategist, told CNN.

But it’s not just about polls, or the primary. “They’re trying to pull the wool over people on the left who are the most fact-based,” Jimmy Dore, host of The Young Turks, explained. “And the people who are supporting Bernie Sanders are the most interested in the issues—they’re the most educated voters.”

“There probably will end up being a debate in New York,” John Iadarola concluded in conversation with Dore. “And if she doesn’t like Bernie Sanders’ tone, wait till she gets a load of Donald Trump. But—quick aside—can you imagine the sh*tstorm that would hit the Internet if Bernie Sanders criticized Hillary Clinton’s tone? Can you imagine?”

Watch: The Young Turks shred the Clinton team’s arguments:

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