Now Europe Has Its Own McCarthyite Blacklist Targeting Palestinian Journalists

Shadowy European blacklist resembles notorious Canary Mission site

A shadowy new website takes pro-Israel McCarthyism to new levels.
Photo Credit: Screengrab from European Institute Against Incitement site

A shadowy group calling itself the “European Institute Against Incitement” just launched a disturbing online blacklist which claims—without evidence—to tie Palestinian journalists and activists, as well as a handful of Western Europeans, to violent Islamic extremism.

As with the pro-Israel website “Canary Mission,” which vilifies and defames U.S.-based students, academics, and activists who campaign for Palestinian human rights—and seeks to damage their future career opportunities — no one is taking credit for this blacklisting initiative.

While the people behind Canary Mission have also taken great pains to remain anonymous, AlterNet’s Max Blumenthal and Julia Carmel revealed in September that the Jerusalem-based Aish World Center—a deeply Islamophobic, pro-settler organization heavily involved in numerous propaganda, or hasbara, efforts—as an apparent administrator of the site. A massive organization, Aish claims to operate on six continents, and it collaborates with numerous other far-right groups.

Echoing Canary Mission, the European page “Incitement” appears to be aimed at linking Palestinian solidarity campaigners with terrorism and violence. “Following recent terrorist attacks by the radical Islam throughout Europe, we at the European Institute Against Incitement decided to launch a website which will indicate the radical instigators online,” the page states.

“The goal of the website is to warn the public, throughout Europe and the West, of the instigators, both individuals and organizations,” the site continues, in what appears to be an attempt to bring real legal repercussions to those named. The website claims that there are 253 volunteers behind the effort, with 74 countries scanned and 197 “inciters under investigation.”

Most alarmingly, the website appears to target Palestinian journalists. Among those listed as “top inciters” in the Palestinian territories, 15 out of 20 are explicitly identified as journalists, including some as employees of the widely-known Al Jazeera network. People identified as Palestinian activists and artists, as well as an accountant and a lawyer, are also named.

The website also names 15 Western Europeans identified as “top inciters.” One of them, an Italian resident, is cited for social media postings critical of capitalism. Another, also a resident of Italy, is named for criticizing the militarized borders of “Fortress Europe,” as well as police racism and violence in the United States.

The list of Western European “top inciters” also includes Anders Gravers Pedersen, a prominent Islamophobic activist in Denmark. Such inclusion could be aimed at attempting to make the page look balanced.

One person from Jordan is also named, and under the category of “top inciters” from “various countries,” the website states that more names are “Coming soo


Sarah Lazare is a staff writer for AlterNet. A former staff writer for Common Dreams, she coedited the book About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War. Follow her on Twitter at @sarahlazare.

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