Trump-Imitating GOP Candidate Who Killed His Own Mother Also Allegedly Threatened His Homeowners' Association President

Bobby Wilson recently boasted about killing his mother. That's not the only violent altercation he has been in.

Bobby Wilson for Arizona website

Bobby Wilson, a Republican candidate for Arizona State Senate, drew controversy at a Moms Demand Action event last month when he cited, as an example of "good guys" with guns, the time he fatally shot his own mother.

Now, The Arizona Republic has discovered Wilson was involved in another violent incident in 2016 at their vacation community in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, during which he allegedly made a violent threat against the president of a condo association, Dan Dimovski:

According to Dimovski, and another board member who witnessed the incident, Wilson entered the room and started pointing at Dimovski and yelling for him to stay away from his wife.

"My jaw dropped," Dimovski said. "I saw that violent look. I'll never forget that ... His face was very, like, crazy. His eyes were like popped out."

"Knowing what I know now," Dimovski told The Republic, "I think it was a threat to kill me, especially the fact that he has exposed his position on what he thinks of weapons."

For his part, Wilson admits he damaged a door, but vehemently denies threatening Dimovski.

Wilson first drew national scrutiny in July over the alleged incident in which he shot his mother at the age of 18 at their home in Hugo, Oklahoma.

He described the incident as a lawful killing in self defense. According to The Republic, however, the story is more complicated. Police initially charged him with homicide after he confessed to murder and authorities discovered his mother and sister's bodies in the ruins of their burnt-out house, but multiple criminal trials were inconclusive and he claimed amnesia about the incident.

Several years later, he claimed that his memory had returned and that the killing was defensive.

Wilson, who according to his website is a former attorney and "adjunct college instructor in law-related courses," and who reportedly resigned from the Texas State Bar over a felony conviction for forgery, is running for Arizona State Senate District 2 on a platform that touts "The Second Amendment" and, ironically, "Family Values."

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Matthew Chapman is a video game designer, science fiction author, and political reporter from Austin, TX. Follow him on Twitter @fawfulfan.