Hilarious Sarah Silverman Video: Men, If You Ever Want to See a Vagina Again Support Repro Rights

Check out her hilarious new public service announcement to support the Reproductive Bill of Rights.

Comedian Sarah Silverman has a new campaign that she’s hoping all you men out there will jump on. It’s call being “bro-choice,” and it’s sort of like being pro-choice, except instead of being motivated simply by your deep belief in a woman’s right to choose, you are also recognizing the privilege of pussy. 

Essentially, the point is to get more men to actively support women’s reproductive rights by scaring the living daylight out of them.

“Listen to me, bros,” she said. “if you ever want to see a vagina ever again, I got a couple rules for you.”

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The hilarious public service announcement is in support of the Reproductive Bill of Rights, a campaign by the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Check out the video here: