Fox Affiliate Apologizes For Airing Footage of Boobs in International Women's Day Report

Fox CT calls the b-roll, aired twice, a 'file footage error.' Watch and be the judge.

A Fox affiliate in Connecticut apologized after airing footage solely consisting of women’s breasts for a report on an International Women’s Day Event.

“Both women and men are invited to the state capitol to hear from state legislators and special guests that will be discussing women’s accomplishments here in Connecticut,” said a FOX CT anchor over an up-close shot of breasts—nothing else—as women walk past a camera, “They’ll also honor two high school students who won the essay contest for the young women’s leadership program.” 

Fox CT apologized via Twitter for its terrible judgment in subject-image juxtaposition:

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The Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, the organization sponsoring the reported event, released a scathing statement condemning Fox CT for its alleged “file footage error”:

We are appalled at the level of sexism this incident shows. It is an insult not only to the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women and to all who attended Women’s Day at the Capitol, which marked the PCSW’s 40-year battle against gender discrimination, but to women everywhere who are tired of being objectified.”

Watch the clip (courtesy of Crooks and Liars):

Steven Hsieh is an editorial assistant at AlterNet and writer based in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter @stevenjhsieh.