Fox News Guest Thinks Syria Is Sign of Biblical End Times

Fox News host Neil Cavuto had on author Joel Rosenberg to talk about the end-times and the violence in Syria.

Fox host Neil Cavuto.
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The crisis in Syria has led some Christians to look to the Bible for explanations. Fox News host Neil Cavuto devoted an entire segment to the issue yesterday, speaking to author Joel Rosenberg about the end-times and the violence in Syria.

The crisis in Syria, according to Cavuto, is “Old Testament old. That’s how old I’m talking about. Don’t laugh. Some biblical scholars say it’s all there in black and white.” Rosenberg, Cavuto’s guest, is a well-known right-wing Christian novelist who frequently writes on the Middle East and what the Bible says about current events.

“This prophecy, as you just pointed out, talks about the complete and utter destruction of Damascus. That’s an End Times or eschatological prophecy,” Rosenberg told Fox News. It was a reference to passages in the Bible that predicts the fall of Damascus. “Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city, and will become a fallen ruin,” one of the passages says.

Rosenberg did caution that the Bible shouldn’t be used to predict exactly what will happen. But he still said: “You have 7 million Syrians that are already on the run, 2 million have left the country, 5 million are internally displaced. That Jeremiah 49 prophecy says that people will flee, but there will still be people in Damascus when the prophecy happens.” Cavuto responded by saying, “amazing. It’s in in there. It’s worth a read.”

Fox News isn’t the only place where these ideas are getting an airing. Book sales of Rosenberg’s novels--as well as other Christian thinkers--have increased recently at places like Family Christian Ministries in West Melbourne, according to USA Today.

Watch the Fox segment here, via YouTube:

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