Watch: Jon Stewart Scolds Congress for Monsanto Protection Act

Our lawmakers now operate "with the same level of awareness as a flatulent grandpa."

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on the Monsanto Protection Act and the backroom dealing that made it possible.

The provision, which was secretly tacked on to this year’s Agriculture Appropriations bill, essentially gives companies producing genetically modified foods a pass through federal court. Stewart notes that it seeped through Capitol Hill without many members of Congress’ knowledge, adding that our legislative body “is now operating with the same level of awareness as a flatulent grandpa.”

Well, at least one lawmaker alerted Congress. Senator Jon Tester warned the chamber that “these provisions are giveaways, pure and simple.” So how did the Act manage to evade Congress’ eyes, even after Tester’s arguments?

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“I see the problem here. The legislators didn’t know about it because Senator Tester brought it up on the Senate floor,” Stewart observed, “Perhaps if he had written it in the memo field of a Monsanto lobbyist check, people would have seen it.”

Stewart then noted, to groans from his audience that the rider was slipped in anonymously as the appropriations bill moved through committee.

“The laws in the most powerful nation on Earth are written with the same level of accountability as Internet comments,” he quipped.

Stewart ended with a modified version of the educational classic, School House Rock. Which… you’ll just have to see for yourself.