The Freakish Appearance of a McDonald's Hamburger After 5 Years in a Desk

'Like an air-hockey puck with a dried-out bun . . .with the faint smell of beef.'

Photo Credit: Courtesy James Buck / The Elkhart Truth

Recently, editor and food writer Marshall King of The Elkhart Truth unearthed a McDonald's hamburger that he had stashed in his desk for about five years. He also took out a "Holiday Pie" that was about three years old in his drawer. Freakishly, neither so-called food item had rotted or changed that much in the ensuing years, begging the question, "what the hell is in these things?"

King, the managing editor of the Indiana newspaper, wrote about the whole experiment in a recent column.

"The patty shrank. The bun dried. But neither got moldy," he wrote. "Five years later, it looks about the same as it did a few weeks after I bought it: like an air hockey puck with a dried-out bun. With a faint smell of beef."

King agreed to share the photos of both the "hamburger" and the "pie" with AlterNet. McDonald's describes the delicious Holiday Pie as "creamy smooth, vanilla custard nestled in a flaky, buttery crust glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles."

Three years after it was purchased, it looks the way it did a few days after it was bought. 

The burger looks shrunken and dry, but otherwise fine.

According to Business Insider: "Stories about McDonald's hamburgers that last years before rotting are frequently cited as evidence that fast food is loaded with preservatives."

McDonald's, however, insists that "in the right environment, our burgers, fries and other menu items could decompose."

The corporation cites "moisture" as the key environmental ingredient.

We have reason to believe there is moisture in Indiana.

Enjoy your zombie burger! Oh wait, zombies do rot.

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