Florida Walmart Shopper Pulls Out Gun After Her Coupon Is Rejected

How can the NRA keep arguing that more guns make us safer?

A 61-year-old woman in Crawfordville, Florida was arrested last week after threatening a Wal Mart employee with a gun, according to the Wakulla County Sheriff's office. The altercation began when the staffer refused to accept Mary Frances Alday's Internet coupon. Alday attacked them with a shopping cart, prompting others to escort her out of the store. But Alday wasn't done. According to the Sherriff's office:

Alday went to her vehicle and retrieved a firearm in a holster. She removed the firearm from the holster and began waving it at the victim and three other store employees who had joined the investigation.

Alday was arrested during a traffic stop at East Ivan Road and Wakulla Arran Road. During the arrest process, Alday refused to follow the commands of Sgt. Danny Harrell during the traffic stop. Sgt. Harrell was forced to use his Taser to get Alday to comply with commands to get out of the vehicle. During the arrest process, Sgt. Harrell was struck several times by Alday and she was also charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence. Deputy Sean Wheeler, Detective Rachel Wheeler, Deputy Clint Beam and Sgt. Danny Harrell investigated.

The NRA and its supporters have improbably argued that arming teachers and school staff could prevent tragic school shootings like the mass killing in Newton. Next up, arming Wal Mart staffers to protect them from pissed-off customers?

h/t Daily Kos.